British TV Thailand via the internet
If you live in any of the countries below you can use slingbox technology to view British TV
The Slingbox™, has literally transformed the way we are able to watch TV. The Slingbox™ turns any Internet-connected PC, Mac, or mobile device into your home television simply connect you laptop or PC to your TV with a HDMI or S-Video cable and you can be enjoying British TV anywhere in the world.

That means you can watch SKY TV or FREESAT TV virtually anywhere in the world including Australia
Thailand British TV using slingbox technology recieve BBC ITV CH4 and more via the internet SKY 1 British TV in Thailand
Be watching British TV within 48 Hours!

We ship these boxes around the globe using UPS as soon as you receive the box all you do is plug it in the wall using a plug adaptor (plug is a UK plug) connect the box to your router power and then connect the box to your TV on the box

Are you missing British TV from the UK? In certain countries receiving British TV is not possible as your are too far away from the Satellite that broadcasts all of the British channels such as BBC ITV BBC2 CH4 CH5 E4 MORE 4 etc these channels are often called "freesat" we now have new technology that allows you purchase a simple set top box that simply plugs in to your home router (a minimum of 3GB connection speed is recommended) If your are in the Far East and are a fan of Top Gear you can set the box to record every episode with the simple click of the button.

The box can be connected using scart, HD or even s-video allowing you to connect this box directly in to your plasma or LCD TV, or you can use RCA "yellow, white and red"

Interested but want to talk to someone first?

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Interested but want to talk to someone first?

No problem contact our sales team here>>

Now you can watch UK British TV in Thailand using the MAG250 UK IPTV Box that allows you to view channles such as BBC1, ITV, CH4, Sports, Movies and access to VIDEO CLUB.

With many EX-PATS now based in SE-ASIA we have seen a massive increas in clients that want to access UK TV easily using our set-top box.

UK EXPAT TV ASIA - Suppliers of UK IPTV BOXES in Asia, we have an established netwotrk that provide the best possible service.

- We are already working with several top construction Companies in Bangkok to pipe UK TV and Skandinavian Television via fibre optics so that people can enjoy there TV shows whilst in Bangkok.
What we supply; we can supply you with the MAG250 UK IPTV box that connects to your router using an ethernet cable, you then connect the box to your TV using a HDMI cable or if you have a older style TV you can use the RCA adaptor supplied with the box (red,white,yellow) the benefit of using a set top box is that you get a remote control and the feel of using a satellite receiver.

As a Company that has been trading 12 years in Spain we first started to provide UK TV solutions world wide using sling boxes with a UK server room initially to a British Bank with staff posted around the globe and then to individuals that wanted to enjoy UK TV whilst in Dubai or Australia.